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There was a survey once. A 1000 people when asked, if they could know in advance would they want to know the exact day of their death. 96% of them, said no. I always kind of leaned toward the other 4%. I think it would be liberating.Knowing how much time, we have left to work with.

Well, here is my list. May be you would be having something interesting to share with me as well. So, don’t hesitate, feel free to post link to your ‘bucket list’ in comment to this post.

Things to do



1. Be a bestselling author

2. Direct a Movie

3. Be on TV

4.  Write a song for a Bollywood movie

5. Be an extra in a film

6. Write a poetry book and dedicate it to my Mom

7. Write a  poetry book and dedicate it to my love

8. Get married and have kids.



9. Get featured in a magazine/newspaper

10. Learn another language



11. Make 1 million in a day

12. Convert to Buddhism

13. Be a web entrepreneur

14. Start a band of my own

15. Gift Dad a new car

16. Get made a wax sculpture of my mom

17. Dance on a living bridge

18. Make love on a private boat in moonlight

19. Sky Dive

20. Learn Salsa

21. Witness Aurora

22. Visit Times Square for Christmas Eve

23. To be at worlds best rooftop bar –

24. Ride in a hot air balloon

25. Make some toys for my kids.

26. Set foot on each of the seven continents

27. Spend 24 hrs alone in a jungle

28. Meet Gulzar sahab

29. Take Mom and Dad on foreign trip

30. Run through the jungle with winds in my hair and sands at my feet

31. Ride a horse in Russian forest

32. Make comics for my kids

33. Get behind the bars

34. Witness something majestic

35. Buy absolutely nothing for one week

36. Wave surfing

37. Learn to swim


38. participate in an International Film Festival

39. Write my autobiography


40. Get married to the girl who continues to amaze me each and every day

41. Get a green home for myself

42. Buy a zero emission car for myself

43. Get six packs

44. Be a certified Scuba Diver

45. Be a social entrepreneur

46. Float in Dead Sea


47. Listen to pope live at vatican

48. Watch IMDB Top 250 Movies

49. Do bungee jumping


50. Grow my own vegetables

51. Find a location independent job.

52. Learn to play Saxophone

53. Get a tattoo

54. Wrestle with my grandson

55. Donate my eyes,liver, lungs, heart, kidney & pancreas

56. Go round-the-world

57. File a patent

58. Redesign supply chain for a Fortune 500 company

59. Make at-least 100 people cry tears of joy

60. Get dreadlocks

61. Get recognized as a Photographer

62. Get my travelogue published

63. Become Vegetarian

64. Learn Chinese

65. Get an international award for documentary film making

66. Make my own ‘Motorcycle Diaries’

67.Work for an Ad Agency

68. Become a Fashion Photographer


70. Become a digital nomad.

71. Adopt a child

72. Translate Daddy’s autobiography to a foreign language

73. Witness electric blue bio-luminescence in the Maldives.

74. Meet Sir Richard Branson

75. Buy a house in a Himalayan village

76. Trigger a social revolution

77.  Travel to 50 countries before turning 30

78. Learn to play Guitar

79. Read “The complete works of Oscar Wilde”

80. Keep walking continuously for 4 hours

81. Parasailing

82. River rafting.

83. Live in a countryside for 1 year

84. Learn to cook

85. Space Travel

86. Work for an NGO

87. To live a year full of Sundays

88. Cheer up a stranger at the other side of the world

89. Create a ‘Before I die’ wall in my city

90. Hitchhike in the back of a rickety truck with chickens, goats, or other nervous livestock

91. Live on a beach for a year

92. Cross a country border by foot, bike, boat, plane, dance, skates and get more creative with each new border

93.  See loving friends and family around my deathbed at the end of a long, fulfilling life

94. Attend ‘Burning Man’

95. Organize ‘No Pants Metro Ride‘ in Bangalore

96. Own a Kayak

97. Attend a TED Talk.

98.  Witness the great migration in Kenya and Tanzania

99. Participate in the Brazilian Carnaval celebration.

100. Spontaneously walk into the airport and randomly buy a same-day ticket to wherever looks appealing.

101. Get deported from a country

Places to Travel & Landmarks to See

1. French Polynesia

2. Moonland (Ladakh)

3.  Pakistan

4. Cuba

5. Mongolia

6. The Borobudur stupa in Java, Indonesia

7. The pyramids at Giza, Egypt

8. Colosseum, Rome

9. St.Peters Basilica, Vatican

10. Sistine Chapel & Apostolic Palace, Vatican

11. Louvre Museum,Paris

12. Canals of Venice, Italy

13. Versailles, France

14. St.Marks Campanile, Venice

15.  Florence Cityscape, Italy

16. Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy

17. Eiffel Tower, Paris

18. Neushwanstein Castle, Germany

19. HongKong Harborscape

20. Temple of Emerald Buddha, Bangkok

21. Taj Mahal, India

22. Kathmandu Valley, Nepal

23. Stonehenge, England

24. British Museum, London

25. Burj Khalifa, Dubai

26. Burj Al Arab, Dubai

27. Petronas Towers, Kualalumpur

28. Shwedagon Stupa, Myanmar

29. Bagan, Myanmar

30. Bali, Indonesia

31. Egyptian Museum, Cairo

32. Nile River Cruise, Egypt

33. Topkapi Palace, Turkey

34. Varanasi, India

35. Golden Temple, Amritsar

36. Meenakshi Temple, India

37. Angkor Wat, Cambodia

38. Ngorongoro Crater, Tanzania

39. Lijiang, China

40. Li River Cruise, China

41. The Forbidden City, China

42. The Great Wall, China

43. Sahara Desert

44. Machu Picchu

45. Antarctica cruise

46.  Great Barrier Reef

47. Cappadocia

48. Easter Island

49.  Fjords of Norway

50. Rio Panoramic View

51. Alhambra

52. Prague

53. Damascus

54.  Kremlin

55. Marrakesh

56. Santorini

57. New York

58. San Francisco

If this one minute fly do not inspires you to create your bucket list, you should consider yourself dead.

If it do inspires you, do not forget to put link of your bucket list in comment to this post.


Update : 12/02/2015

Now that I’m about to turn 30, it’s good to see that in 5 years since making this list, I’m done with 75  out of 159 things to do and places to go. 30s is going to be all about checking these items off the list :

BL 4


  1. Thomas says:

    You can tick off doing something for Bihar tourism. We went after visiting you to Bihar and you organized us the trainticket ;-).
    Anyway looks like a long list…..
    Maybe I should start with writing mine….

  2. Elin says:

    Oh, I love your dreams almost as much as I love you!

  3. admin says:

    @Thomas Ok..Done!
    @Elin :)

  4. naveed says:

    when you plan on coming to Pakistan just let me know

  5. rajeev mahatma says:

    Every time is see this list.. few more scratched off lines.. i am so glad for you.. thinking.. may be i should also make one of mine.. start scratching them as quick as possible… You have been a new inspiration for those who not only dream but work towards making them real…

  6. Roopinder says:

    # 30 is really interesting…:D
    #41….u can share ur passwords with me ;)
    #87 and #94 would b ideal situations for any human being…
    #15 and #62 are sweet and innocent

    Wish all your wishes come true….xx

  7. Saurav Arya says:

    @Rajeev bhai : Thanks bhai.. and I’m looking forward to your list.. Definitely it will be an inspiration for me .. and perhaps I’ll extend my list!

    @Roopinder ji : Very keen observation, I must say :)
    I’ll need lots of courage to share my passwords :P perhaps the day i’ll be selling off all my possessions, on that day only i’ll share my passwords :P ..Thanks a lot for your wishes..!!!! :)

  8. jhon says:


  9. kunal kishore says:

    nice…though i wonder about #97

  10. Parsek says:

    Great articles & Nice a site….

  11. Xedows says:

    a little more and I will join you

  12. Hello
    It’s nice. I like it.

  13. variomap says:

    I want to quote your post in my blog. It can?
    And you et an account on Twitter?

  14. WinchesterWing says:

    This Life, which seems so fair,
    Is like a bubble blown up in the air
    By sporting children’s breath,
    Who chase it everywhere

  15. Miriam says:

    I absolutely love it! I’ll try to make my own list too, and fix a minimum things I have to achieve each year!
    Congratulations for your the travelling and goals you have already achieved!

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