Mar 2011 03

I think I grew up much more in last 4 years traveling around the world than rest of the 22 years combined. Here are 25 lessons that I think will stick with me till I get old/dead/tired :

1. The more we see, the more we want to see
2. People living close to equator are much more Jollier , happier and fun to hang around with
3. Difference in cultures of two cities is NOT directly proportional to distance between them –
4. This is the quickest way to feel rich

5. A beer, A bro and a bitch is all you need to feel content

6. Myanmar is a country eager to see but not so keen to show

7. It is not always a good idea to go on a backpack tour with a beauty queen

8. Low cost carrier is not always the most economical choice

9. Time Machine exists

10. Indonesia is a land which is continuously wracked by every pestilence known to man (earthquakes, tsunamis, volcanoes, terrorism, civil strife, plane crashes, corruption and crime) , yet very safe for tourists.

11. Expect the unexpected

12. We don’t need money to travel around the world, all we need is guts

13. Actually, we don’t need much stuffs to live

14. The sooner you start your round the world trip, the better it is

15. World is full of super cute babies

16. If you want to learn wave surfing, awaken the Rajesh Khanna within

17. Unless you don’t get lost in a city, you don’t really discover it

18. Patna, Bihar is different from what you’ve been reading about it in media. This is Patna

19. Taking your Mom and Dad to a foreign trip is the best thing you can do with your savings –

20. One day, you gonna loose it all.

21. Most of the countries in this world are boringly safe. Don’t believe in what media has to say. Go there, you’ll survive.

22. In life, as on internet, you get what you search for

23. In India, number of opinions is greater than numbers of people

24. Everything that you’ve heard about India is true.

25. The world is a good place and there are good people here. Including you.


  1. Debasree says:

    No. 5 needs a correction ;)

  2. Debasree says:

    When i finish reading the entire post, it gives a tremendous sense of excitement to travel the entire world n also a sadness that i didn’t start early!!

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