Oct 2011 08

1. How many ‘Likes’ you received

2.  How clean your underwear was when you died.

3.  Whether or not you cheated on a midterm in college.

4.  How many songs or movies you pirated.

5.  Whether your facebook status was up to date.

6. The excuses you made not to follow your dream.

7. How up to date you were on “current events”.

8. The ideas you kept to yourself

9. Whether you said “ham-bur-ger” or “em-ber-ger”.

10. The number of times you wore that shirt.

11. The talents which you never expressed.

12. Dreams forgotten when the alarm clock rang.

13. Whether you were rejected that one time.

14. What your boss thought of you.

15. Whether or not the neighbors approved.

16. All those times you felt embarrassed.

17. Whether the professor gave you an A or A-.

18. Whether you played Nintendo or Playstation.

19. What place you came in in the ratrace.

20. How much space was left on your hard drive.

21. How many nasty comments you got on the internet.

22. How much busywork you accomplished.

23. Whether you used iPhone or Blackberry

24. Whether you took shower daily or not

25. All your mails in draft folder

26. The number of things in your list of 50 things

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