Oct 2011 03

Ok, I just got back from my first ever backpacking trip with my girlfriend and now I’m all set to write some pros and cons. This one seems to be toughest of all. Almost like tightrope walking.

Pros :

1. Everything (Just Everything) looks beautiful ( Cause love is in the air?! )

2. You won’t have to worry about keeping yourself clean (You can afford to travel without toiletries, she will always have more than she needs)

3. Backpacking with your girlfriend = Honeymooning (Idea of multiple honeymooning on shoestring sounds fab. Isn’t it? )

4. Your parents won’t be worried (Girlfriends are guy-fun dampeners, isn’t it?)

5. High ROI (If you are lucky)

Cons :

1. It’s really tough to equally divide your trip cost ( I know its so mean but not unless you are on a mission to set foot on all 196 countries)

2. Forget about socialising with other girls

3. High maintenance

4. After few miles, your love may become your extra luggage

5. Parting ways during traveling = Break up

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