Nov 2012 26

1. Dancing on a living bridge
2. Organizing India’s first ‘No Pants Metro Ride’
3. Rickshaw-pulling in Puri, India and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
4. Gymnastics in front of Olympic Stadium, Beijing
5. Pretending to be a Masaai in Rift Valley, Kenya
6. Pretending to be an Arabian African in Mombasa, Kenya
7. Kung Fu with Monks in Sikkim, India
8. Painting Patna and giving a new sexy logo to this old city
9. Making my face, my resume.
10. Tai Chi with my visa to rock in China
11. Pretending to be a Cu Chi Warrior in Vietnam
12. A funky haircut in exchange of an eBook
13. Biking on an airstrip in Laos
14. Meditating underwater in Pai, Thailand
15. Woodcarving in Tiwi beach, Kenya
16. Living a Year Full Of Sundays
17. Breaking the Chinese Firewall
18. Eating pav in front of the statue of Mao in Lijiang, China
19. Making a circle at world’s largest public square
20. Fixing another brick in the wall at The Great Wall of China
21. Romancing in front of a Tiger
22. Getting my nickname engraved on my head
23. Catching an Octopus, roasting it and eating it at Tiwi, Kenya
24. Performing in Hollywood walk @ Universal, Singapore
25. Tasting Snake wine in Hanoi, Vietnam
26. Hiding myself in a Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam
27.Pretending to be a Bhutanese
28. Standing on one foot at the southernmost tip of mainland India

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