Nov 2012 21

When I told Antony that I can help him expand his business globally by promoting his wood-crafts on social media, first he smiled and then he rolled on floor laughing.

Born and brought up at Tiwi beach in Kenya, Antony has been witnessing the best the nature has to offer for the last 52 years in his life and although it seems like he don’t have enough money to buy a new pair of denim, he is probably richer than most of us reading this post. Richer in time, quality of life and peace of mind.

I guess he puts his wood-crafts on display in his small shack at the beach not to do any business and make money, but just to meet travelers like me and ROFL at their crazy ideas.

I left Tiwi beach feeling a bit jealous of Antony and later that day I slept thinking – what stops us from being like Antony?

Wouldn’t you want to be like Antony? What is stopping you?


  1. Shyla Nair says:

    Whats stopping us!!! Well most of us care for a new pair of denim than peace of mind. Its sad but true!

  2. Kirsten Retsby says:

    Even though he in the eyes of Westerners may seem poor he has the best of most things: peace of mind, time to spend with his love ones, he meets new people every day. He may worry how he can get money to buy pencils or books for his children’s school or how to get the next meal so it’s not all roses. He may not know who is the president in USA or what war took place when or when but what does that matter to any of us?

    Things that stops people in I-countries is the price level and the climate and the fact that not all have a skill enabling them to earn a few bucks – enough to get by.. I can’t live in a shack on the beach in Denmark. First of all the government wouldn’t allow me. Second of all most of the year it’s too bloody cold. I will still have to buy most foods in supermarket and the price level is high. I couldn’t feed myself or my family on what little I could make selling some trinkets. Another issue is if everyone lived in shacks on the beach it would be a dump pretty soon and the idyllic life style would be gone in a flash.
    What matters is to decide what lifestyle suits you and your needs and then do it and make peace with it. In real life not everyone would be happy living as Antony :-(

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