May 2014 28

1. You think travel is expensive.

But you know what? The idea that traveling is expensive is bullshit, peddled by tour companies, hotel chains and corporate media. They just run a business.

2. You think you need to prepare for it.

All you need is a passport and some savings. Believe me.

3. You think you’ll get a better chance tomorrow.

I’d suggest go now while the world is still a different, interesting place!

4. You think you can save up more and plan a better holiday someday later.


5. You think travel is exhausting.

It is definitely not for you if the mere thought of traveling around the world makes you sweat.

6. You think travel can only be done when you have ‘time’.

Only dead people have no time. As long as you are alive, you always have time for things you love.

7. You think it’s not safe.

Most of the countries in this world are boringly safe. Don’t believe in what media has to say. Go there, you’ll survive.

8. You are seeking permission from someone else.

How much of stake you have in your own life?

9. You are waiting for someone to join you

If you want to do everything you want and nothing you don’t want, don’t wait for someone to join you. Travel alone.

10. You are neck deep in debt.

Good job! Enjoy your servitude.

As they say, travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer. Pack your bags and go for it. Planned or unplanned, things always fall into place when you are travelling.

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