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Since last 8 years, I’ve been chasing wonders and collecting countries. It all started with three weeks of Eurotrip back in 2007 during which I got inflicted with an untreatable addiction to world exploration. After an year, I made up my mind to visit all 198 countries.

It’s been 56 countries so far and here are some highlights from the journey :

Santorini Sunset

At one of the world’s best island – Santorini, Greece


At the world’s lowest (also, one of the most exotic) nation in the world – Maldives

_Lowest point on earth_Dead Sea

 At the lowest point on Earth, Dead Sea, Jordan


Get, set, ‘Gho’ at the world’s happiest country – Bhutan

Kissing my love

 Kissing my love at the world’s farthest city from the sea – Urumqi, China


Enjoying hot spring with friends at the spa town of the world – Rotorua, New Zealand

20 Yuan

Showing the world the inspiration behind 20 Yuan at Yangshuo, China

Pretending to be a Masai in Kenya

Biking to highest road

At the highest motorable road of the world – Khardungla, India

Burj Al Arab_Dubai

When in Dubai, do it like Emirati do – Dubai, UAE

Climbing living bridge

Climbing up the world’s only double decker living bridge – Meghalaya, India

Cu chi warrior Vietnam

Posing as a Cu Chi Warrior in Vietnam

HK harborscape

At the Victoria harbor, Hong Kong

Khaosan dreadlocks

At the centre of the backpacking universe – Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Kyrgyz China border crossing

At one of the world’s most remote border crossings – Irkeshtam pass, Kyrgyzstan/China


In awe with the beauty of Laos


Meeting tribes from Nagaland, India

Pole dancing in a yurt

Pole dancing in a yurt in Osh, Kyrgyzstan

Remarrying my wife in Xining

After remarrying my girlfriend at Dongguan Mosque, Xining, China

Sgp performancePerforming at the Universal studios, Singapore

Snake swag_KL

Pretending to be a Baba in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Song kul Kyrgyzstan

In awe with the beauty of Kyrgyzstan

Stilt Fishing in SL

Stilt fishing in Sri Lanka


At the largest ensemble of Buddhist reliefs in the world – Borobudur, Indonesia


Chilling at the Stonehenge, England


With the most-photographed mountain in the world – Matterhorn, Switzerland.

Yes I did it Pyramids

 ‘Yes, I did it!’ moment at the great pyramid of Gyza, Egypt


With one of the best sunset ever – Boracay, Philippines

Shinkansen Japan

Riding the fastest at the world’s largest metropolitan area – Tokyo, Japan


Meditating in the sea of temples – Bagan, Myanmar


At the only city in the world that straddles two continents: Asia and Europe – Istanbul, Turkey


At the largest religious monument in the world – Angkor Wat, Cambodia


In the land of Marco Polo and Nikola Tesla – Croatia


In one of the cleanest capitals in the world – Stockholm, Sweden


In the world’s most expensive city – Oslo, Norway


In the land of Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar and the Serengeti – Tanzania

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