Things to remember if you are visiting Jim Corbett National Park
Oct 2010 27

1. No shake hands with any guide at Jim Corbett entrance ( especially if his name starts with ‘D’ ).

2. Don’t search for Tigers, you’ll be disappointed.

3. Beware of excitement building tactics of your guide.

4. Forget about night safari.

5. There is a fine if you step down in the park during safari.

6. When your guide agrees for one days of safari, he may actually meant just 4 hours of drive through the park. Always double check.

7.If your guide tells you that your safari is going to start from 5:30 a.m. onwards, probably he will turn up at 6:15 ( assuming Indians are often late by 30-45 minutes).

8. Mid November to mid March is the best time to visit.

9. There is no fixed rate for anything ( be it guest houses, food or safari) inside the park. Negotiate as much you can.

10. There is a self sustained village in the middle of the park where you’ll be treated as a chief guest. Don’t dare to give it a miss.

Sep 2010 08

Sep 2010 08


Sep 2010 04

I just had a superfast trip across Malaysia, Indonesia and Myanmar.It lasted for 184 hours and in that time I ran through 5 wonders (Shwedagon,Bagan, Borobudur,Bali & Twin Towers) and 7 cities(Denpasar, Kuta, Ubud,Jogjakarta, KL, Yangon & Bagan).

Generally, I make a lot of mistakes everywhere I go(maybe cause I like to take risks and take the path less travelled?!?!), but I try to learn from each of them. Here’s a short list of things I wish I’d known before I started my trip across SEA

1. When in Myanmar, you must have new US$ notes

There are no ATMs or CC in Myanmar and so you should have sufficient US$ in cash in your pocket before you cross the border and enter the golden land . Also, dollars need to be brand new, not folded, creased or marked in any way.  I was carrying a 100$ note during my trip which had a small red mark at its top left side and I could not use it (though I’m not bad at convincing others) [read more..]

Jun 2010 16

On a lazy day, I IM’ed my dear ones and gave them less than 2 mins to tell me� the song which they think describes me the best. 16 out of 21 took less than 10 seconds.

1. O sanam, Lucky Ali

2. Chala jaata hoon kisi ki dhun me , Kishore Kumar [read more..]

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