May 2013 02

1. Let you hire my Round-the-world denim for a day
2. Shoot a high quality portrait for you . Like this one
3. 1 hour of advice on anything
4. Photoshop you to make you stand out. Like this one
5. Create a 1 minute slideshow for you. Like this one
6. Let you hire my white-denim-with-revolutionary-thoughts for 2 days
7. Sing you a lullaby
8. Take an underwater pic of yours. Like this one
9. Make a triptych for you. Like this one
10.  Make this stencil graffiti on anything of your choice
11. Let you hire my Canon 550D for a day
12. Give you 1 hour lesson on the flight deals and the art of flying cheap
13. Tattoo on your face, the Maori way
14. Create a light graffiti for you. Like this one
15. Pre-marriage verification service for a day
16. Resume review
17. Take your telephonic interview
18. Create a unique and captivating ad
19. Make a Harlem Shake by myself promoting whatever you want
20. Send you a personalized postcard from India to anywhere in the world
21. Design a wedding card
22. Take a photo with what you wish and add your quote on it
23. Design your ‘Save the Date’
24. Design a business card
25. Plan your summer vacation
26. Plan your adventure
27. Answer 10 questions about India
28. Review your public LinkedIn profile and offer 5 suggestions to enhance it
29. Enhance a PowerPoint
30. Review your presentation
31. SWOT analysis of your business as well as your website

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Apr 2013 09

Oct 2012 22

If you’ve not yet decided any birthday gift for your Daddy,this post is for you.This post is also for those who are tired of backpacking alone.

Pros :

1. While backpacking with your Daddy, this time you’ll be playing daddy and telling him what to do, where to go, when to go, what to eat, what to buy and what not?!

2. You’ll get a chance to use the change in latitude as an excuse to change your attitude and tell him what you always wanted to tell him but you were waiting for the right time or situation

3. It is probably one of the best gift you can give to each other.

4. Its an opportunity for you to impress him like never before. Be it the best place to hike in a foreign land or the nearest public toilet, you know it all, don’t you?

Cons :

1. At times, your Dad might try to make himself understood in a foreign country simply by speaking louder in his own tongue.

2. If you feel other travelers at youth hostel are staring at you, it is cause they never ever saw anyone backpacking with his/her Daddy.

3. That awkward moment when a street vendor try to persuade your dad for a lady massage in front of you. If you’re not brave enough, just excuse yourself by taking a loo break.

Sep 2012 13

There’s nothing more liberating than a good jump

…..and while you’re up in the air, in action, don’t forget to kick out your legs and flail your arms. Using your limbs in an exaggerated fashion makes your jumping shoot more interesting and dynamic especially when silhoutted against a sunset or sunrise.

By the way, when are you planning to jump off or take a leap? If not now, then when?

Apr 2012 05

Rhino   :  You know what?  Traveling can be an alternative to an MBA programme!

Rinzin Wangmo   :  Are you trying to bamboozle me?!

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