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1. Let you hire my Round-the-world denim for a day
2. Shoot a high quality portrait for you . Like this one
3. 1 hour of advice on anything
4. Photoshop you to make you stand out. Like this one
5. Create a 1 minute slideshow for you. Like this one
6. Let you hire my white-denim-with-revolutionary-thoughts for 2 days
7. Sing you a lullaby
8. Take an underwater pic of yours. Like this one
9. Make a triptych for you. Like this one
10.  Make this stencil graffiti on anything of your choice
11. Let you hire my Canon 550D for a day
12. Give you 1 hour lesson on the flight deals and the art of flying cheap
13. Tattoo on your face, the Maori way
14. Create a light graffiti for you. Like this one
15. Pre-marriage verification service for a day
16. Resume review
17. Take your telephonic interview
18. Create a unique and captivating ad
19. Make a Harlem Shake by myself promoting whatever you want
20. Send you a personalized postcard from India to anywhere in the world
21. Design a wedding card
22. Take a photo with what you wish and add your quote on it
23. Design your ‘Save the Date’
24. Design a business card
25. Plan your summer vacation
26. Plan your adventure
27. Answer 10 questions about India
28. Review your public LinkedIn profile and offer 5 suggestions to enhance it
29. Enhance a PowerPoint
30. Review your presentation
31. SWOT analysis of your business as well as your website

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Apr 2013 11

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