Nov 2012 26

1. Dancing on a living bridge
2. Organizing India’s first ‘No Pants Metro Ride’
3. Rickshaw-pulling in Puri, India and in Phnom Penh, Cambodia
4. Gymnastics in front of Olympic Stadium, Beijing
5. Pretending to be a Masaai in Rift Valley, Kenya
6. Pretending to be an Arabian African in Mombasa, Kenya
7. Kung Fu with Monks in Sikkim, India
8. Painting Patna and giving a new sexy logo to this old city
9. Making my face, my resume.
10. Tai Chi with my visa to rock in China
11. Pretending to be a Cu Chi Warrior in Vietnam
12. A funky haircut in exchange of an eBook
13. Biking on an airstrip in Laos
14. Meditating underwater in Pai, Thailand
15. Woodcarving in Tiwi beach, Kenya
16. Living a Year Full Of Sundays
17. Breaking the Chinese Firewall
18. Eating pav in front of the statue of Mao in Lijiang, China
19. Making a circle at world’s largest public square
20. Fixing another brick in the wall at The Great Wall of China
21. Romancing in front of a Tiger
22. Getting my nickname engraved on my head
23. Catching an Octopus, roasting it and eating it at Tiwi, Kenya
24. Performing in Hollywood walk @ Universal, Singapore
25. Tasting Snake wine in Hanoi, Vietnam
26. Hiding myself in a Cu Chi Tunnel, Vietnam
27.Pretending to be a Bhutanese
28. Standing on one foot at the southernmost tip of mainland India

Nov 2012 21

When I told Antony that I can help him expand his business globally by promoting his wood-crafts on social media, first he smiled and then he rolled on floor laughing.

Born and brought up at Tiwi beach in Kenya, Antony has been witnessing the best the nature has to offer for the last 52 years in his life and although it seems like he don’t have enough money to buy a new pair of denim, he is probably richer than most of us reading this post. Richer in time, quality of life and peace of mind.

I guess he puts his wood-crafts on display in his small shack at the beach not to do any business and make money, but just to meet travelers like me and ROFL at their crazy ideas.

I left Tiwi beach feeling a bit jealous of Antony and later that day I slept thinking – what stops us from being like Antony?

Wouldn’t you want to be like Antony? What is stopping you?

Oct 2012 22

If you’ve not yet decided any birthday gift for your Daddy,this post is for you.This post is also for those who are tired of backpacking alone.

Pros :

1. While backpacking with your Daddy, this time you’ll be playing daddy and telling him what to do, where to go, when to go, what to eat, what to buy and what not?!

2. You’ll get a chance to use the change in latitude as an excuse to change your attitude and tell him what you always wanted to tell him but you were waiting for the right time or situation

3. It is probably one of the best gift you can give to each other.

4. Its an opportunity for you to impress him like never before. Be it the best place to hike in a foreign land or the nearest public toilet, you know it all, don’t you?

Cons :

1. At times, your Dad might try to make himself understood in a foreign country simply by speaking louder in his own tongue.

2. If you feel other travelers at youth hostel are staring at you, it is cause they never ever saw anyone backpacking with his/her Daddy.

3. That awkward moment when a street vendor try to persuade your dad for a lady massage in front of you. If you’re not brave enough, just excuse yourself by taking a loo break.

Sep 2012 13

There’s nothing more liberating than a good jump

…..and while you’re up in the air, in action, don’t forget to kick out your legs and flail your arms. Using your limbs in an exaggerated fashion makes your jumping shoot more interesting and dynamic especially when silhoutted against a sunset or sunrise.

By the way, when are you planning to jump off or take a leap? If not now, then when?

Apr 2012 05

Rhino   :  You know what?  Traveling can be an alternative to an MBA programme!

Rinzin Wangmo   :  Are you trying to bamboozle me?!

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